Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you choose Stale Cake as the name?

Asha heard about “stale cake” being used as a phrase by the Japanese to apply to women past their marrying age (of 25) in a Madonna interview. It made us sad, but in a funny way.

If you are going to beat this cake theme into the ground, wouldn’t you call yourselves bakers instead of chefs?

If we were really going that far, we would be snobby about it and call ourselves pastry chefs. Anyway, we feel chefs get to be bossier. If this bothers you, go shove something into your pie hole.

What fancy program generates your drawings?

Our nimble hands. Though there ARE programs out there that will spit out drawings or clip art, we hand-draw each comic, scan it, then redraw and color it in Adobe Illustrator.

Sounds difficult. Why would you make your life harder for yourself?

When we are scrambling to finish a comic as Tuesday comes to a close, we sometimes ask ourselves that question.

We talked about creating more universal stick figures that are easy to draw. But we kept gravitating towards fleshed out (and multi-ehtnic-flesh-colored) characters. Also, drawing female stick figures can require a skirt, or long hair, or some other stereotypical feminine style. Our female characters enjoy a lot more variety in their looks.