Gray hair, Do care

Gray hair, Do care

Finding your first gray hair on your head can be traumatic. Asha fondly remembers finding her first silvery hair on the right upper quadrant of her head, at the tender age of 15. She remembers wondering in horror how she could have a gray hair so young. Then she remembered she was in the midst of high-school hell at an all-girls school. Single-sex education with some bitch-tastic girls can definitely turn your hair prematurely white (except Monette, she has always been wonderful and never bitch-tastic).

Asha didn’t see any other grays start to sprout until about 15 years later. Now she dyes them so she doesn’t have the daily reminders of her descent into agedness. She has always been curious about what causes our hair to gray in the first place. This article sheds some light on why we go gray.

Wait, where?!?

What could possibly be worse than finding grays in you hair on your head? Well, finding some in your crotch of course. Asha won’t go into the details of how she discovered this was starting to happen to her because it is too embarrassing. If you are curious you can send an email and she will tell you.

What do you do when you find yourself going gray down there? A classic Sex and The City episode answered this question when Samantha’s character reached for the dye. The results were disastrous and she ended up with a circus themed vag naming it “Bozo the Bush.” Some people probably go for the full Brazilian leaving behind no signs of any hair giving you the appearance of a pre-pubescent bush. How would you tackle this issue or is it really an issue at all?