Deep Closet Cleanse

Deep Closet Cleanse

Love her or hate her, it’s clear that Gwyneth Paltrow, the multi-hyphenated actress turned guru of all things, is comedy gold. If you haven’t had the (dis)pleasure of experiencing the wonders of, go ahead and check it out. We will wait here.

Even if you haven’t searched for excuses to be offended by her, it is hard to avoid the constant stream of outrage from something she’s done. (Long butt, anyone?)

The most recent round came when Paltrow and her entourage sat amongst the commoners for a signing of her newest cookbook. Author Christina Oxenberg was a bit put out from her experience with the “divinity” and her crew, “I was forced to crawl under the table. And there I sat with my meat products, wafting the excellent smells toward my sleek vegan neighbor.”

So why does Paltrow get so much hate? And why do we enjoy it?

She is certainly a capable award winning actress, a good singer, Coldplay lover, Goop prognosticator and so much more. Is she simply out of touch, entitled, and pretentious? Maybe it’s because she leads an extraordinary (and extraordinarily expensive) life, and advises us to live like her. But Oprah tops Forbes lists and yet we can look through the tips in her magazine and our eyes don’t roll out of our head – then again, Oprah loved to shower us with cars and trips to Australia. Maybe it’s easy to hate on her because she doesn’t give a crap what we think. She rolls her eyes right back. We’re still going to her movies, buying her cookbooks even though she faints from hunger, and clicking on

A few months ago I was showing Monette how Paltrow’s line of bikinis for girls was a perfect example of how always pushes crazy stuff that no one can afford. In the middle of my rant, my “WTF?” quickly turned into “Oh, that’s cute and surprisingly affordable, and I’m going to buy it for my daughter!”

My faith in Paltrow’s eternal suckiness was shaken. One bathing suit does not justify years of crazy comments and other antics, but maybe she’s not so bad?

Nah, she still gets on my nerves!

What do you think? Do you think that Paltrow is insufferable or awesome? Is she a Goopy genius or an entitled bore?