Fingerlickin’ Franken Food

Fingerlickin’ Franken-Food

Food Glorious Food!

Our society seems to have a bit of a food fixation. We use it to unify and bring people together. We use it to comfort ourselves when we are smarting from a broken heart. We love food so much that collectively our waistlines are expanding. God, food is so freaking delicious!

In a recent article, highlighted some of the reasons for our burgeoning waistlines:

  1. Antibiotics in Food
  2. Fatteners in Meat
  3. Pesticides and Endocrine Disruptors
  4. Sugar substitutes

Monsanto and the Government Sitting in a Tree…..

So you would think that the government would be up in arms with a nation of people getting fatter and fatter and the potential complications and strains it can cause. It always seems like the government is talking out both sides of its neck when it comes to issue like health, nutrition and fitness. There are programs like Lets move! designed to fight childhood obesity. On the other side it appears that our government is in co-hoots with companies like Monsanto, who seems hell-bent on controlling and poisoning a large portion of our food supply.

Hello Dolly!

In 1996 a star was born, and her name was Dolly the first cloned sheep. Fast forward to 2008, when the FDA approved cloned meat for human consumption, the masses freaked out. Cloned meat may or may not be on our supermarket shelves, but beware we still have Frankenfish.

The tsunami triggered Fukushima nuclear disaster may have occurred in 2011 but the effects are still being felt today. Recent testing revealed that fish had extremely high concentrations of radiation and there was fear of the fish contamination reaching America’s shores. Eating radiation-poisoned fish can’t be good for you but eating farmed raised fish will kill you too, you can’t win.

So what can you do when you need to eat food but don’t know what to eat? The solution may be looking closer to home. Returning to a time when you knew where your food came from and how it was prepared. Buy local as often as possible, read labels and trust no one. We Stalecake-ians are with you! Eat well friends.