Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

Hello? Is It Me You’re Looking for?

Voicemail R.I.P?

In this day and age of instant communication gratification, is the art of the voicemail message going the way of the dinosaur? Do you use voicemail to relay messages of importance or do you use alternate methods such as email or text? On the flip side, when you receive a voicemail message do you check it? Or do you see who has called and return the call without taking the time to listen to the message?

Unbeknownst to us, there is actually a proper way to leave a voicemail. We Stalecake-ians were totally in the dark about this. This could explain why no one returns our phone calls. According to this article, there are only three occasions in this day and age where voicemail should be used:

  1. When the person doesn’t have your number in his/her phone.
  2. If you are unsure whether you are calling a landline or a cell phone.
  3. If you are calling to wish someone a happy birthday and they don’t answer.

One article takes it a step further and states you better not leave a voicemail unless you are dying.

Voicemail for Tools

If you still decide that leaving a voicemail is the only way to get your message across, don’t be a creep. Apparently, Dimitri didn’t get the memo on this. He decided to leave a series of voice messages for the elegant, elusive Olga. The result will live down in internet infamy.

Scarjo Saves the Day

If voicemail is a dying mode of communication, can it be saved? Apparently, there is one person who can save voicemail. Her name is Scarlett Johansson. In the new Spike Jonze film, “Her”, Johansson plays a disembodied voice of a computer system. Although she never physically appears in the film, she has been winning prestigious awards for her voice-over role. Siri, you better watch your back.

Don’t Call it a comeback

At Stale Cake, we still love the 80’s, as this week’s comic title shows. One of the 80’s stars realizing a 21st century internet comeback is Lionel Ritchie. This little gem went viral a few years back and was an instant reminder of how awesome the 80’s were.