Hot Pockets

Hot Pockets

The human body is an amazing machine, filled with complex inner workings and systems. We Stalecake-ians think that although the human body is really amazing itโ€™s missing one crucial thing, easily accessible storage compartments. Why do marsupials get to have all the fun?

Enter the Joey bra! According to the designers, these bras are named after baby kangaroos and allow “women to finally ditch the purse and opt for freedom. JoeyBra, a sexy pocketed bra, offers two discreet pockets on the sides of the bra. While maintaining a low-profile and without changing the shape or fit of the bra, our pockets can carry a phone, ID & credit card, and a key.”
But some bra makers and wearers are not interested in discretion. Lululemon created a “Stuff Your Bra Tank” with a design that was as straightforward as its name.These are for women on the go – who don’t care if you are staring at their chests when talking to them. Maybe they prefer knowing that you are looking at their bulging phone instead of their bulging breasts.(This is the first time we’ve seen tissue stuffed into a bra that wasn’t acting as filler.)

Don’t want to buy fancy bras with pockets? Or bother with making your own? (See the Instructables Bra Bag) A regular bra and cleavage may do in a pinch. Enough women are using bra straps to hold up their cell phones, that there are fears of getting breast cancer from them. There aren’t enough studies to say if it is safe or not, though some cell phone makers say phones should be kept at least half an inch away from your skin.

Of course, there are other areas on the human body that can hold important things – for women and men. Private and safe? Yes. Convenient? Hardly. Dangerous drug mule associations? Yes.

Maybe we’ll stick with the pocket bras.