National Cake Day

National Cake Day

National Cake Day happens every year on November 26. Why does cake need its own day? We are less concerned with the WHY and are curious about the WHEN. We strongly suspect that the cake industry chose November 26 because it is so close to Thanksgiving. How many of you bring cake to a Thanksgiving dinner? Thanksgiving is definitely PIE’s day, and cake does not seem happy about it.

Cake eats up the calendar!

Did we not give you enough warning to get some cake to celebrate National Cake Day? Don’t worry, there is National Chocolate Cake Day (January 27), National Carrot Cake Day (February 3), and many other excuses to eat cake throughout the year.

What about pie? Is Thanksgiving all it has? No, you can celebrate National Pie Day on January 23. And yes, different pies have their days too: Pecan Pie (July 12), Key Lime Pie (October 25). People will also eat pie on Pi day (you don’t have to be that nerdy to figure out when that one is.)

Cake vs. Pie

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have been training our stomachs to handle more food. Asha has been indulging on cake and Monette cannot get enough pie. We love the cake vs. pie dynamic so much that we are preparing a whole series about it for next year!

Enough about pie! It is Cake’s day, so we’ll leave you with this bit of cake trivia.

Cake has been around for centuries but it got the name “cake” in the 13th century from the Old Norse word “kaka”. You may have seen “kaka” in the food section of IKEA and wondered what their PR department was thinking since reports of fecal bacteria in their food have recently come out. But “kaka” still means “cake” in Swedish. Read more about the etymology and some specific cakes, like “burial cake” at 12 Facts about Cake.

Which cake will you choose to celebrate National Cake Day?