The Neverending Story of Ennui

The Neverending Story of Ennui

Can you believe that is has been 30 years since one of Asha’s favorite movies The Neverending Story was released in theaters? If you have ever wondered what happened to the actors that played the lead characters, this article gives you the scoop (let’s just say Bastian Balthazar Bux is currently a little rough around the edges.)

It’s hard not to look at the tale of brave Atreyu, slightly whiny Bastian, doomed Artax (Asha still cries like a baby at this scene ) , the child-like Empress, G’mork, the Nothing’s Champion, and not get a warm and fuzzy feeling (get your mind out of the gutter). For Asha, this film symbolizes some of the best things about the 80’s; a chance to look at everything with fresh possibilities and that a child-like curiosity can be a cure for the world’s ills.

In the movie, Falcor, the luck dragon, is a pivotal character. Spoiler* (but really this movie is 30 mother-freaking years old if you haven’t seen it yet get with the program!) He saves Atreyu when he is a the brink of potentially dying and not fulfilling his quest and helps Bastian get some righteous retribution on a bunch of bullies.

Falcor Origins

Did you know that Falcor was not the character’s original name? The original name “Fuchur” is derived from Japanese “Fukuryuu” (?? or ??, “lucky dragon”). It was changed in the English translation because it would have been pronounced very similar to “future”. This really resonates with us StaleCake-ians because our own origins are Japanese in nature. The scene of Bastian riding on a Luck Dragon is pretty cool and iconic, we thought nothing could top it.

Until we saw this…

Screw that Goonies sequel, this is a re-imagining we could get behind!

This Tops Those Two Lame Ass Sequels

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the cast from the Neverending story threw a raging kegger? You can see what that party would look courtesy of the mad people over at Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken.

Two Shy Shy, Hush, Hush

The Title Track from the Neverending Story has always been one of Asha’s favorites. It so cheesy and wonderful and the woman who sings it has a nice voice. Well Asha did not find out until recently that that woman was actually a man. Limihal, was the singer of the song, you may not know the name but you may know him from this awesome 80’s one-hit-wonder from his band Kajagoogoo. If you knew this was a guy originally, please don’t blame Asha, she didn’t get MTV until 1988 and finally saw the video just a few months ago.

This brings us to today’s poll. Let us know which 80’s theme song is your favorite! If your favorite is not listed in the poll scroll down and leave us a comment and tell us which 80’s movie theme song is the most awesome.