I want your sex

I want your sex

Embattled singer R. Kelly famously saw nothing wrong with a little “Bump n’ Grind”. It’s probably what got him into so much trouble. Limp Bizkit, once upon a time, did it all for the “Nookie.” Miley Cyrus probably does it while sticking out her infamous tongue. Sex, it’s all around us. If you trust the media it appears everyone is having hot sex and for the right price (or on Redtube) you can watch it.

However, in current times, people seemingly enjoy their technology more than sex. Asha witnessed this recently with her own eyes. At a St.Patty’s Day dinner, she looked over at a couple sitting near her. The couple, apparently on a bad date, were barely talking to each other and the man was so over it he decided he would rather be on the phone playing solitaire. That example may be an extreme case of technology over real interactions but it’s becoming more and more commonplace.

Hey, its not just the common man, even celebrities do it. Check out Jared Leto – via Old Loves

C-c-c-c-come on

A study commissioned by The Huffington Post and magazine Real Simple revealed that nearly half of all women would rather go without sex for a month than be without their cell phone for the same duration.

Maybe these women have been having bad sex, or more than likely are addicted to their technology. Huffington Post did a follow-up article which further revealed things that are better than sex. Here are the top 5:

  1. Sleep
  2. Cellphones
  3. Compliments
  4. Bacon
  5. Food, in general

Urban legend: Blackout Baby Boom

While Monette has been living it up on the West Coast, Asha has been in a never-ending winter hell on the East Coast. [Editor’s note: we just had an earthquake out here, but I’ll concede that the 5 second rumblings won’t produce a generation of Earthquake babies.] It’s cold, it’s dark, and you can’t distract yourself with TV or internet. Even if Snopes.com debunked the blackout baby legend, we still imagined a crop of Internet-crash babies sprouting 9 months from now. We also imagined that these babies will probably implant themselves with internet transmitters powered by their own heartbeats just to avoid the horrors of being virtually disconnected.