Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to me!

OMG! Stale Cake turns one this week! Luckily for you we’re almost out of diapers. It has been a cool year for us Stalecake-ians. We have experienced the elation that comes from creating and pumping our ideas into the world. We have also experienced uncertainty and doubt as we have struggled to figure out what content would work best to build our audience. Those struggles had us doubting our own voice and straying from why we decided to embark on our Stale Cake journey in the first place.

After a little soul searching and heart to heart chats we decided to listen to our own inner voices and create comics that we enjoy. We hope you enjoy them too and continue with us on our journey.

We’re just getting started. We expect our second year to be filled with more irreverent comics and other related projects. There will probably be more soul searching as well and we welcome all parts of our adventure.

In honor of our first birthday we are pulling out one of the comics from our Cake vs. Pie series (we only had one last year, but this dessert battle is epic and never ending, so it WILL be a series.) Every day is somebody’s birthday, and pie doesn’t get the same kind of spotlight.

Somehow, our conversation turned to Elvis (as you can see he is part of this week’s comic, a continuation of our Cake vs. Pie series). Monette kept the conversation light by bringing up Elvis’s obsession with peanut butter and banana sandwiches. While Asha’s mind went a little darker fixating on this


Tywin Lannister like expiration via the toilet.

Speaking of Elvis, check out this adorable baby singing Elvis. She really gets into it. Asha was cracking up and smiling watching this one and it takes a lot for her to smile these days.