The Invasion of Furnando, the Cat

The Invasion of Furnando , the Cat

Internet: The Cat’s Meow

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but on the interwebs it’s clear that cats rule and dogs drool! To honor the internet’s love of cats, we are featuring our own resident Stale Cake cat, Furnanado, in some of our past comics. You may remember seeing Furnando in Sumptuous Staycations, (but you may not because we know sometimes you guys skip over our greatness). Since you guys love cats so damn much, does Furnando make these comics better?

All Hail Grumpy Cat

While it may be up in the air about whether you like Furnanado, it is clear that there are other cats that have ridden the net to fame and fortune. The biggest of them all being the seemingly ubiquitous Grumpy Cat. Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Souce (Tard), was sired on April 12, 2012. Since that time, Tard has been able to amass a multimedia empire built on sheer cute grumpiness.

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Grumpy Cat has recently added feature film to its empire. That’s right! This Christmas Grumpy Cat will be coming to a television near you to spread joy grump to the world. It is

Maybe Cat People Are Just A little Crazy

It is clear that cats rule the internet but why? If dogs are so popular off the net why can’t they seem to hold a candle to cats on the net? According to this article, there are several good reasons for the abundance of cat love on the internet. Perhaps we are drawn to their “their big eyes, smallish noses, and dome-shaped heads trigger the evolutionary nurturing instincts that we have evolved toward babies”, and “reserved and withholding personalities naturally seduce us into paying closer attention to them.”

But our favorite theory is that the internet is a virtual cat park that cat enthusiasts can use to spread their love and affection. In real life, dog lovers have plenty of social outlets with which to share their dogs with the world. Cat lovers don’t have a safe outside environment for cats so the internet acts as a proxy.

Another benefit for cat owners and lovers? Virtual cats do what they’re told. It’s hard to find a real life cat that does that.